Study of traditional Okinawan karate styles.
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It is imperative that traditional karate-do is not lost forever!
We propagate the teaching of authentic karate budo that originated in Okinawa, Japan.

  • Traditions ContinueThe continuation of traditional Okinawan karate styles in a new Millennium.
  • Master InstructionSpecialised advanced classes delivered to black belt practitioners by internationally qualified Master Instructors.
  • Group ClassesInsightful and caring instruction covering authentic karate budo for clubs.
  • Private ClassesSpecific instruction delivered at an individual level to accelerate learning.

Traditional Okinawan styles


The symbol of the Okinawa Prefecture aptly depicts the affinity between the Goju Ryu and Shorin Ryu styles...

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Philosophical relevance


For leading black belt practitioners, karate is a way of life. It has deep philosophical relevance....

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Black Belt Classes


Our classes are structured to suit the specific needs of participants. We deliver expertise and knowledge...

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After decades of research we make available a unique online database designed specifically for Black Belt Practitioners. It is known as the Black Belt Portal and is the first of its kind anywhere!

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Recent Updates

July 2014: Major updates to Black Belt Portal.

June 2014: A number of private gradings were awarded during the month. Congratulations to all recipients.

Due to popular demand we have been able to lower the annual subscription price for our Black Belt Portal by a whopping 50%! Read more »

September 2013: Five influential Kata from Hakutsuru Ken included in our Black Belt Portal.